Our tips on how to survive holidays in a family caravan with the tribe.

Our tips on how to survive holidays in a family caravan with the tribe.

We all know caravanning in general can be a challenge, but add the kids into the mix, just how do you survive holidays in a family caravan with the tribe?

Family holidays are where the memories are made, those moments on trips in your family caravan you will remember for years to come are created when you all hit the road for some quality time together.  We are the family caravan specialists, we can provide you with space for everyone and everything, but what can you do to make your family holidays a little easier with the whole family in tow?


Plan your trip in advance and explain to the kids where and when you are going.  If you are going on a long trip a good tip is to map it out and put it where they can see it.

Map out your journey in your Great Escape family caravan
Map out your journey for the kids to see.

Plan your stops in advance if you are planning on long days on the road, have lunch prepared or if you know the route well, plan to stop at a café or park where everyone can stretch their legs and get some fresh air.  Caravanning with kids takes planning, and lots of stops along the way!

Snacks.  Yes we are always thinking with our stomachs but no one wants to stop each time someone gets those hunger pains.  Quick (and mess free) snacks for eating on the go will keep the peace for just a little longer, and get your to your family holiday destination with a few less headaches.


Ask the experts before you head off on any long caravanning trips, chat to teachers about exercises your kids can do to either keep up with class while they are on the road, or if the kids are younger maybe some tips on things they can do keep their brains active, create memories along the way they can look back on, or get them more interested in the big wide world they are about to explore.

Family holidays with family caravan
Learn about your surroundings and keep the little ones interested.

Some great ideas for the little ones are:

  • Creating a journal of what they do or see each day
  • Collecting keepsakes and creating a scrapbook
  • Researching the place or places that you will be heading to so they can do a great show and tell when they get back to school.


It is essential to make sure your family caravan has enough room for everyone comfortably.  Ensuring everyone has their own space in their own bunk will help keep the kids feeling at home. Take their favourite toy or even some pics from home for their own little space will give them some space to spend a few minutes playing or relaxing by themselves when they need a little space. Those hours in the car can take their toll on everyone’s sanity.

Caravanning with kids in a family caravan can be rewarding for everyone and a huge amount of fun! A family holiday is always a great adventure, travelling through the country side and learning along the way can be both challenging and exciting.  Get in contact and find out how we can help make your future family holidays a little easier with our purpose built family caravans. View our current range of family caravans HERE

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