Freqently Asked Questions


We understand buying a new family or couples caravan is a big investment, but we are here to help.

Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

Where are the caravans made?

Our caravans are designed in house and manufactured right here in Melbourne from premium materials, to the highest industry standards.

Can I change the exterior and interior?

Both the interior and exterior are yours to customise. We aim to give you all the freedom and support you need to customise our designs to create the caravan that ticks all the boxes for you and your family.  View our range of available upgrade packages and talk to us about your individual needs.

How long will it take from order to delivery?

Delivery of your caravan can take 6-10 weeks depending on current orders. We also offer a wide range of display models and current stock at most times, so please don’t hesitate to contact us about what is available or to discuss delivery times when you are ready to purchase your new caravan.

Can you arrange delivery of our caravan?

Yes, we can.  Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements

Do you offer roadside assistance?

We can help direct you to some of our preferred suppliers to arrange road side assist.

What is the recommended size caravan for towing with my vehicle?

We offer a wide range of family caravans to suit most SUV’s and 4WD vehicles. Specifications on all of our vans can be found throughout our website.  Please feel free to contact us about your individual requirements or refer to your vehicle’s product manual.

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Your new Great Escape Caravan has been built in Australia for Australian conditions.  While we do not expect any issues with your new caravan, and issues are rare, please see additional information on warranties below.

What is the warranty on your caravans?

3-year structual warranty on all new caravans purchased from the Melbourne dealership. Appliance can vary from 3 Year for major appliance brands to one year. you can contact the supplier directly for warranty on appliances.

How do I make a warranty claim?

Refer to your warranty process handout located at the start of the booklet that relating to your current situation and location in your caravan handbook issued on the day of collection.

Do I need to submit all the separate warranty documents from suppliers for my caravan?

No, you do not.

Your date of purchase or registration date is proof of the date all warranties start.

What is the warranty on your caravans?

We offer a 3-year structual on construction of your caravans, and 12 months on plumbing and electrical works, appliance vary between 1 year and 3 years .

How long are the warranties on my appliances?

All supplier’s appliance and material suppliers have different warranty durations, here is a guide to the term length of the items in your caravan.

  • Dometic Products – 3 years
  • Thetford Product – 3 years
  • NCE Product – 1 year
  • Ranger Products – 1 year
  • Finch Australia Products -1 year
  • Swift Australia Products -1 year
What parts of my caravan are covered by the manufacturer warranty if the appliance is covered by the supplier?

Your caravan is covered by the manufacturer for all structural claims for 36 months, (appliances vary) you can email us directly for assistance on your claim.

How long is the warranty on plumbing or electrical works on my caravan?

As the industry requires certified contractors, these contractors provide a 12-month warranty for any works related to faults due to workmanship.

How long is the warranty on my chassis?

Chassis supplies have a 3 year structual warranty on the chassis for any defects that may arise, consumable products such as brakes and bearings are 12 months .

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While problems with your new caravan are not expected, see our list of troubleshooting tips below.

When should my caravan be serviced?

Your new caravan will needs to be serviced in the first 1000km at any service agent. Thereafter every 12 months or 10,000 km is then required, and you must ensure that you are checking tyre pressure and wheel nuts prior to every trip.

What is the average cost of a service for my caravan?

Average cost from a service agent is between $340.00-440.00 depending on the agent. In the AWN handbook you will find a service guide for a caravan.

Who do I contact if I have a plumbing or electrical fault?

For the first 12 months

  • Refer to you handout booklet for further information
I have a 3-way fridge will it run off the batteries from the caravan?

No, a 3-way fridge will only operate off gas when free camping, and 240v when in a caravan park. The battery symbol on the fridge is the hard wire from the car to run the fridge when driving.

How will my hot water service operate when free camping?

In the overhead cupboard with the electrics, you will need to switch off the 240v hot water switch and switch on the gas hot water switch. Once the red light goes out the unit has ignition and will take 15 – 20min to heat up.

   Ensure you have the gas bottles on, and water supply to the caravan.

My gas burner will not light on my cook top.

There is a small brass button on the side of the Cooktop. Push it up and down a few times as this can sometimes stick, which prevents gas coming through. You will also need to check that you have sufficient gas in the bottles.

My fridge will not light on gas. What do I do?

If the caravan has been storage for a long period of time ensure you have sufficient gas in your bottles, run the Cooktop to pull the gas towards the fridge. If after several attempts and the fridge will not fire contact the supplier for further advise on problem shooting. (depending on your fridge-Thetford Australia or Dometic Australia).

I have lost all 240-volt power in my caravan, what should I do?

Go to the outside of the caravan and check the circuit breaker if in the off-position switch back on, also check your extension lead is in good working order and the plug which it is plugged into is not drawing too much power off the circuit.

If the problem continues contact- the electrician in your booklet

My 12volt in the caravan is not working what do I do?

Open the battery box under the caravan. You will see battery fuses, check each fuse, and replace if required.

If they problem has not been resolved contact Navie Electrics.

What do I do if I have a water leak in my plumbing?

Turn off the pump switch immediately in the overhead cupboard and contact the the plumber noted in your booklet.

Here is a list of contacts that may help with your enquiry, please note these contacts are only available during business hours.

Swift Appliance group – Oven & grills – 12-month warranty.

Coast to Coast RV– Hot water service – 2-year warranty

Dometic Australia – Fridges/ windows/ Air conditioners – 3 Year Warranty

Air Command – Ibis 3 Air conditioners – 12-month warranty

Road Runner Chassis – chassis and suspensions – up to 5-year structural bearings, breaks, shockers

12 Months.

Thetford Australia – Toilets & Fridges – 3-year Warranty

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