Great Escape Caravans supports Checkmate Socks

Great Escape Caravans Supports Checkmate Socks

Great Escape Caravans supports Checkmate Socks

We are huge advocates for getting out and about and making memories with the family.  Family is the main reason that we do what we do.  We love to see families enjoying the time they have together by enjoying this great country of ours, by hitting the road!

Checkmate Socks Supporting Mental Health Issues

Enjoying the fresh air and family time is great for taking time out of a busy life and getting in some chill time.  It is a great way to look after ourselves, take time out, enjoying some time to relax.

Taking the time to do what you love is beneficial to your health and that of your family.  If it’s time out hitting the road together or heading out for a walk, a fish, or just sitting by the camp fire.  We find a lot of our customers and for us ourselves, getting away is how we look after ourselves and our mental health.

Proud Supporters of Checkmate Socks for Mental Health

At Great Escape Caravans we have always been huge advocates of asking ‘how are you going?’ and love to chat, so when we came across Checkmate socks, we were already huge supporters of what they stand for.

Great Escape Caravans Supports Checkmate Socks

Checkmate socks recognises that mental health can affect people in different ways and often what we see on the outside is not what is going on, on the inside.  ‘Check your mates are ok!’ is the motto of Checkmate socks and they are raising funds to donate to mental health charities from the sale of each pair of Checkmate socks.

Checkmate Socks

Wearing your Checkmate socks will certainly attract attention of your mate’s so wear them with pride and as a reminder to check on your mates!

Come down and see us at Great Escape Caravans, view the range and grab your pair of chequered socks!

CLICK HERE to view the range.

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