Happy holidays checklist for purchasing your new family caravan.

Happy holidays checklist for purchasing your new family caravan.

For every happy holiday, there is a checklist, and here is our checklist for you when purchasing your new family caravan to ensure you get the most out of your caravan for years to come.


great escape family caravan
Our family caravans are perfectly designed to give each family member their own little space to relax.

Family holidays are an important part of making memories together.  There are so many things to think about when you decide to make the move to purchase your first, (or your next) family caravan. Aside from budget, here are a few things you should think about when deciding what type of caravan will suit your family the best, and keep you all happily caravanning together for years to come.


great escape family caravan
With plenty of luxuries to choose from, we will have you relaxing in no time with your
new family caravan.



  • How many family members need to fit in the caravan?
  • Are you intending to grow your family – need an extra bunk in the future maybe?
  • Where do you intend to go on your family holidays with the caravan, on road, semi off road or off-grid?
  • Where do you normally camp, caravan parks or free camping?
  • How do you spend your family holiday down time? Do you spend a large amount of time in the caravan itself or do you spend spare time out of the caravan?
  • Do you regularly cook full meals in the kitchen, or cook outside on the BBQ?
  • Would you like the luxury of an ensuite included in your caravan?

From this checklist we can steer you in the right direction to get you all off to your paradise in style.  There are plenty of extras that are included in most of our caravans including options on entertainment systems, kitchen and cooking appliances and added little luxuries.  We can also make additions to water tanks, batteries and technical requirements to suit your individual needs and make your caravan unique to you and your needs and wants.


Great Escape Caravans are designed for family caravanning.  Let us help you choose what will have you holidaying happily for years to come.

All of our new family caravans come with our four year warranty so you can rest assured that is one thing you can tick off your list!

Chat to us today about your next family holiday and how we can get you on the road in your very own new Great Escape Caravan. View the range HERE.


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