Be prepared for the funny stuff when caravanning.

Be prepared for the funny stuff when caravanning.

If you are planning to caravan with the family, be prepared for some lasting memories to be made.  Some of the classic beach days and learning about the environment sure, but be prepared for some of the funny things that may happen on the way that most families encounter on a caravanning holiday.

At some stage – someone will forget the essentials.


Funny things that happen when caravanning with kids in your family caravan.
Someone will at some stage forget the essentials.

It may be someone forgets a towel when they run off to grab a shower and they come back soaking wet in their clothes that gives you a good belly laugh. This is bound to happen to everyone at some stage, it’s uncomfortable and… you have to do the walk of shame back to the family caravan, there is no avoiding it, sorry!

Forgot the milk?  We have seen caravanning neighbours ask another camper nearby, we have also seen orange juice on cereal.  Families who travel together, sometimes get into funny situations.  Best thing is, these are the times when you improvise and get a good laugh!

There is no such thing as privacy.

Unless you lucked out and found yourself a very secluded spot free camping, it’s likely there will be another lot camped fairly close by.  You will hear other people’s conversations, and…they will hear yours.  They will hear the kids conversations, they will hear them getting up at 5am with the sunshine and, that’s the joys of caravanning.

We are sorry, there is no warning that you are about to camp alongside someone who snores!! This can easily ruin a good night’s sleep for the whole camp site, but can give you a lot of laughs!

Your unmentionables will be hung out to dry for everyone to see, kids riding bikes through washing lines, passers by saying ‘hello’ and having a chat while you hang out your undies.  Something happens when you get caravanning that makes this all ok? (It’s weird, we know).

Sleeping in.


Funny things that happen when caravanning with kids in your family caravan.
Forget the sleep ins. At some camping spots, you will be up at the crack of dawn.

See above ‘there is no such thing as privacy’.

You will more than likely hear kids up early, those grey nomads greeting ‘good morning’ to every one they pass and… this is why we all do it.  A sense of community, meeting new people and getting to new locations.  Embrace the good mornings (even when they come at you while you are heading to the bathroom with your eyes still half shut), we have all mumbled a ‘good morning’ while we are half asleep before ha!

There will be gawking. (There is no other way to describe this ritual).


Funny things that happen while you are caravanning with kids in your family caravan.
Be prepared for others to give you their advice – smiling and nodding normally helps this situation.

At most places you pull up there will be people who just stop to gawk.  (If you are in a great escape caravan this will happen often, the attract attention in a good way!). On most occasions you will have couples watching as you try to back into that caravan site, especially if you are new to this game!

They will watch as you unpack, they will check out your gear and this is all done in a friendly manner and they don’t discriminate (it will happen to everyone).  You may even find yourself doing it at some stage, our advice is to at least try to be discreet.

You will have people come and chat to you while you unpack.  Sometimes this is welcome, other times you just want to get set up, eat and sleep.  (If you find a way out of this situation we would love your advice, we haven’t found a way out of this yet!)

You will get to know each other in a way you never would at home.


Making memories on your family holiday in your family caravan.
You will get to know everyone in a way you just wouldn’t at home.

There is something special about spending time together in such confined spaces.  You will get to know the sound of your family sleeping. If you have a loud chewer at dinner time…enjoy that! Someone talks in their sleep a little more than you thought? All things you will remember and laugh at for years to come.  These are the things family holidays are made of.

Caravanning and camping is one past time that most Aussies have some experience at.  We all have our caravanning horror stories of ‘that’ time we went here or ‘that’ time we camped next to ‘those’ people.  It’s not just the locations and the activities that make a caravanning holiday, it’s all those little times that someone dropped their clothes in the water at the communal shower and had to return in a towel that makes the memories as well.

Cherish the moments, and know that at the next place you stop… there will be new adventures and more memories to be made.

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