Which Great Escape Caravan is right for you and your family?

With years of experience in the caravanning industry, we strive to give you a range of caravans to choose from that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations for you and your family.

Of course we have built models that suit most, we also offer the service and customisation that will give you the ultimate choice in your next family caravan.

We work with you through the entire process to find which Great Escape caravan is right for you and your family. Jason and Anthony are the first faces you will see when you drop in for a chat about your next caravan, they are also the ones that will oversee the manufacturing of your caravan and they will be right there on the day you get to hook it up and hit the highway with your new addition following safely behind. Our small family owned business is big on service.

So, which caravan is right for you?

We list some features and benefits below, to give you a little insight into which one might be the one for you, of course we have a full list of specifications on each caravan available to you anytime, and we are here to guide you every step of the way, so take a look around and get in touch.

Escape Series – on road & semi off road

Great Escape Caravans Family Caravan Escape Series

With three packages in the range designed for families passionate about travelling the open road and exploring our great country, the well thought out design can accommodate a family of five at an affordable price to achieve the holidays dreams are made of. 

The 21’ Escape caravan range has features and benefits that include:

  • Bunk beds
  • Comfortable queen size bed with gas lift storage underneath
  • Plenty of storage throughout
  • Larger floorplan
  • Roll out awning
  • Recessed cooktop and Laminex bench tops
  • Multiple water tanks & gas bottles
  • Break safe break away system
  • BM Pro battery management system
  • PLUS entertainment with CD/MP3/Radio with ample speakers and flat screen TV!
  • PLUS so many more! Full list on our Escape page HERE

With an Escape Series 2 & Limited Edition models you will find features such as, semi off road, tool box with generator slide, large tunnel boot, reversing camera, upgraded air con & antenna. We go a step further with the Limited Edition including an external shower, 2 x solar panels and a 4kg washing machine.

Find out about the additional features in the semi off road Series 2 & Limited Edition models HERE.

Maximus Free Camp Ready Series

Great Escape Caravans family caravan Maximus series

Designed for families passionate about traveling the open road and exploring our great country, built to hit the Australian outback in comforts you deserve.

Free camp ready and full of features, the Maximus ST Limited Edition 18’ family caravan includes:

  • Full ensuite
  • East/west bed
  • Free camp ready
  • Pull out kitchen with BBQ
  • Additional water tank
  • Roll out awning
  • 2 or 3 bunk bed option.
  • Solar panels
  • Toolbox on A-Frame
  • BM Pro battery management system
  • PLUS entertainment with CD/MP3/Radio with ample speakers and flat screen TV!
  • PLUS more! Full list of features on our Maximus page HERE

The Maximus FX4 has additional features such as two spare wheels on bumper, including bracket 4 arm bumper bar, tool box upgrade and generator slide to A-frame, full oven, batter upgrade and large skylight! For full list of specs on our Maximus family caravan range visit our page HERE or contact us now for a chat. 

Spark Series, one of our most popular family caravans.

Great Escape Caravans Spark family caravan

The perfect caravan for families designed with additional features at a price to suit.  This family friendly caravan has all the bells and whistles in a neat package that is light enough to suit most vehicles. 

With three packages in the range you will find the family caravan to suit your needs and exceed your expectations.

Some features of our ever-popular Spark 17’6 family caravan series are:

  • Roll out awning
  • Bunk beds
  • Smaller floorplan to suit most vehicles
  • Premium kitchen appliances
  • Lift underbed storage
  • External shower
  • Maximum storage capabilities
  • BM Pro battery management system
  • PLUS entertainment with CD/MP3/Radio with ample speakers and flat screen TV!
  • PLUS so much more included in the Spark FX

There are many more features in the Spark Semi Off Road that you will really want to look into if that is the way your family likes to get out and about.  A pull-out pantry, full external cladding and checker plate sides, full oven, Torflex suspension and a grey water tank to name a few.  A full list of specs can be found HERE.

We know you will be impressed with the Spark ST.  If you are looking for a great family caravan with an Ensuite, here you go… full ensuite with ceramic vanity and china bowl toilet, 2.5kg washing machine, Torflex suspension an external generator locker and more! Find out more HERE.

We are the family caravan specialists and we love to see happy families driving out of the yard with their new caravan in tow, ready to hit the highway on their first family trip. Get in touch or head in and see us about your family caravan and let us help you make the right choice with your caravan needs.

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