Want to head off road and away from the caravan parks in your family caravan?

Want to head off road and away from the caravan parks in your family caravan?

Setting up your family with a caravan that can comfortably fit in amongst the others in a family caravan park AND get you off-grid when the mood arises is a great way to ensure you have a great all round option for your family holidays.


Great Escape Caravans off road family caravan.

Family caravan parks have a great environment for kids, normally loads for the kids to do including activities that can include school holiday programs, bike hire, games rooms, pools and parks.  They are great for socialising when you love caravanning with the kids. They are great for getting the kids some time to play with others and for having some of the perks of home, with wi-fi, outdoor kitchens and generally handy facilities that we all need.  (The odd laundry run and long hot shower doesn’t go astray).


Family caravan Great Escape Caravans

Sometimes though, you just want to be on your own, or in your own group out in the open where you can enjoy a nice hot camp fire (if permitted), spend the day with the roast in the camp oven with no issues and enjoy a spot under the trees with only nature to keep you occupied (no wi-fi here!).

Heading for a free camp off the beaten track can give you the perks of our great wide country side to yourself for as little or as long as you like, no teeny tiny camp sites and crowds!  You do need to be equipped to go too far off the beaten track with an off-grid caravan, or if you don’t venture too far a semi off-road caravan may get you the serenity you are looking for in a camp spot. Depending on what and where your family like to head we can help you get set up for those nights under the stars with your own custom family caravan.


Family caravan off road Great Escape Caravans

Our free camp ready caravans can be equipped with solar panels and water tanks to keep you self sufficient while you are off-grid.  Battery management systems, hot water systems and gas tanks will help with the creature comforts of home no matter where you stop under the stars.


Extra storage, tool boxes, generator slides will get your gear to your spot safely and our pull out BBQ option will have you pulling up to a BBQ under the trees every night! If you love the outdoors and free camping you will want to make the most of being without the crowds, an external shower might be your thing, or you might want to stick to the ensuite, either way the creature comforts go where you go and there is no skimping on luxuries in our off-grid or semi off-road caravans.


Luxury lounges, comfy bunks and beds, flat screen TV’s and sound systems will keep everyone entertained (of course if you really like the peace and quiet – we can always hide those from the kids!)

Our range of family caravans are all customisable to suit your needs, we already have a great range of family caravans to suit the growing family and most layouts can be customised to suit off-grid, you might even find we have already done it! The first step in finding your perfect caravan is to check the layout and features that will suit you, make a wish list of what you need, to help use our guide HERE then come and have a chat or give us a call. We love a chat, and we are the family caravan specialists, we are helping families hit the road each and every week. View our range HERE and get in touch.


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