Road tripping to Albury last weekend with our family caravans in tow.

Road tripping to Albury last weekend with our family caravans in tow.

Ending the month with another road trip with our family caravans in tow was another great opportunity to get our road trip on and get out of town, and Albury, you sure showed us!

Heading down the highway in the early hours of Thursday morning, we knew from last year it would be an awesome weekend chatting to the locals and those who travel to town to see what we bring. 

We started off fully loaded with coffee, the tunes pumping and our pride and joy, our Great Escape Caravans hooked up behind us.  We were like a moving billboard with our recognisable family caravans attracting attention down the Hume and with good reason! Our custom made caravans are just that, custom made to not only be everything you would want in a family caravan, but also to have that highway and campground appeal that all of us want.

Great Escape Caravans family caravan Maximus ST limited edition

On tow was a Maximus ST Limited edition.  Built to be free camp ready for exploring our great country and comfy for the whole family, this family caravan weighed in with three full water tanks and still had an additional 250kg payload! And boy did this little beauty attract some attention!

After a great year last year in Albury we were looking forward to another great weekend chatting with families about their needs and wants in their next family caravan. 

Friday came, and so did the families, we had a morning of chatting about our custom family caravans and what we can bring to the table when it comes to family holidays in comfort.  We chatted all things bunk beds, creature comforts, technical specs and everything about our Australian made custom caravans. 

And then the rains came….

We decided to look on the bright side, at least our visitors got to test the weather proofing on our caravans in extreme weather, and enjoy the creature comforts of our family caravans while they rode out the storm in style, waiting out the deluge under the cover of our caravans.

The rest of the weekend Albury put on a show for us, we had happy customers ordering their new family caravans, we had couples order their new home away from home and we met and worked with customers on their new family caravans, meeting the needs of many families looking for the elusive family caravan that will suit them and tick all the boxes for their future family holidays.

Great Escape Caravans family caravan bunk bed caravan

Road tripping to Albury is always a fun one, we love to get out and about with our family caravans and this weekend was no exception.  Thanks for having us!

Great Escape Caravans family caravan bunk bed caravan

If you missed us at last weekends show, get in touch about what we can do for you and your family and your new family caravan, or browse our current range HERE

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