FX Family Escape ADV Special Edition

FX Family Escape ADV Special Edition – Coming Soon!

FX Family Escape ADV Special Edition

For families that love to veer off the highway and into their own adventure our new model is going to excite you!

A VERY special edition to our range of already family-orientated caravans the FX Family Escape ADV Special Edition will be packed full of features and accessories to get your family enjoying being ‘off the grid’ in complete comfort.

With our current models being easily adapted to off-grid capabilities in the design phase we have gone one step further and created this one especially to head off road! 

The family will still be able to make some changes to make their Great Escape Caravan your very own, but we guarantee this one will have everything you need to free camp wherever the mood strikes. 

There are so many benefits from free camping in your Great Escape Caravan, if you haven’t ventured off the beaten track you are going to love;

  • The ability to go where others can’t go (find those exclusive and secluded spots)
  • Enjoy the great outdoors with plenty of comfort (like hot showers and NO bush loo!)
  • Outdoor BBQ space of your very own with no need to be venturing inside the caravan to burn those steaks for dinner
  • In the new age of social distancing – you will be looking forward to the social distancing of this kind (So peaceful!)
  • The kids will find new and wondrous things to see and do around your campsite and you will be amazed at what they can occupy themselves with while they enjoy the fresh air and a  little less screen time (you can always tell them the phones wont charge – even though they will!)
  • Space for everyone with spacious sleeping areas (2-3 bunk options) plus lounge area
  • Plenty of fresh water with included extra water tanks 
  • Quick and easy set up with our estimated time from pulling up to cracking open that fridge for a cold one, under 20 minutes!

As always we are here to ensure your family enjoys our beautiful country in comfort, without breaking the bank! 

We are excited to bring you this special model early 2021 with our demo model expected early March. More details and specifics available shortly.

View the full range of caravans HERE and get in touch.  Let’s get you on the road as part of the Great Escape Family this season.

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