Big adventures, small travellers: Best Caravans for Families

Great Escape Caravan Family Escape Special Edition Caravan With Bunks Melbourne

Big adventures, small travellers: Best Caravans for Families

A family caravan can open up a world of adventure for families.

Families can enjoy and explore Australia’s diverse landscapes by visiting family caravan parks or by going off-grid to free camp and visit more isolated areas of our beautiful country. 

Caravanning allows families to find secluded areas to enjoy serene beaches, national parks, and remote rural areas without the crowds by free camping or rolling into a family-friendly holiday park, but what is the best caravan for families?

With semi-off-road and full-off-road Great Escape Caravans available, there are plenty of opportunities to provide children with real-life learning experiences about wildlife, nature, and geography wherever you choose to park your caravan for the night or an extended stay. 

Family caravans with bunks encourage quality family time by allowing everyone to enjoy roomy sleeping spaces and restful areas within the beautiful caravan interiors. They allow time away from the daily distractions of home with large lounge areas indoors and plenty of space to play and eat outside using the outdoor kitchen and awning areas. 

Our experiences travelling with kids in caravans when our children were young, paired with our knowledge of the industry, have allowed us to design and manufacture premium Australian-made family caravans without expensive price tags.  

Many of our family caravan models are available in 2 – 4 bunk layouts. Let’s explore the range of caravans for families:

Special Edition Range – Family Caravans: Single axle family caravans from $69,990 – Tandem axle from $71,990

Meeting the needs of families looking to create a budget-friendly caravan, our Special Edition Range of family caravans has been designed to give each family a comfortable, spacious family caravan that will enable families to travel in comfort for years to come, even as the family grows. 

Each Great Escape family caravan includes the most spacious bunks possible. With individual windows and personal fans included in most models, the kids will always have a comfy space to relax at the end of the day or take time out throughout the day in their own quiet space. 

The Special Edition Range is based on the ever-popular Escape Series and allows for a series of modifications or additions for a family of up to six, customised to your family and conscious of budget.

Great Escape Caravans Melbourne Family Caravans With Bunks Grey Interior

If you are looking for a budget-conscious family caravan with 2- 4 bunks, take a closer look at the Special Edition Range, which includes the 18’2 Tempa Tantrum, 18’6 Storm, 18’6 Little Terra, and 18’6 Little Rascal. 

Escape Range – Family Caravans: Single axle family caravans from $79,990 – Tandem axle from $81,990

Great Escape Caravans Melbourne Family Caravans With Bunks Tan Interior

Escaping the daily grind with a young family to caravan in Australia is accessible to families that live almost anywhere in our beautiful country.  We are surrounded by national parks, holiday parks, beautiful beachside camping, and free-camping spots, and most families have one or all of these within just a few hour’s drive from home. 

Family Escape Range caravans have been designed for those who want the freedom to camp off-grid or within more established holiday parks. Fully equipped with everything needed to do so, each model is set up with comfort in mind. 

Including solar panels and battery management systems, air conditioning and heating, your family will be fully set up for a great time away, whatever the conditions. 

Take a closer look at our four most popular family bunk caravan models, suitable for families of up to six, they include our 18’2 Tempa Tantrum, 18’6 Storm, 18’6 Little Terra and the 18’6 Little Rascal.

Great Escape Caravan Family Escape Caravan With Bunks Queensland
“We purchased and did everything via text, call and video chat. Scott was so easy to deal with. The process was smooth with great communication and regular updates. The hand over was detailed and practical. We absolutely love our van. We currently live in it while we travel Aus. You'd probably be sitting there researching this brand thinking it's too good to be true but it's not. They are amazing vans!”
- Liz Priest, Google review

Maximus Range – Family Caravans: Single axle family caravans from $91,990 – Tandem axle from $94,990

Great Escape Caravans Melbourne Off Road Family Caravans With Bunks

Set your own pace, change plans on a whim, or plan a full off-road adventure with our Maximus Range of off-grid family caravans.  Allowing full flexibility to take your family wherever you want to go, one of the best caravans for families is one that can take you anywhere! 

Enjoy the freedom of travel without the need for holiday parks, mains water, electricity and minus the crowds with a full off-road family caravan with bunks.  The Maximus Range incorporates all the best features of our Family Escape Range plus additional extras to enable full off-grid free camping in a family caravan. 

By taking your Great Escape Caravan off-grid, you can turn any trip into an extraordinary adventure, making it an ideal choice for families looking to create unforgettable memories together. 

View the off-road Maximus Range family caravans now to find the floor plan and inclusions that best meet your family’s needs. Great Escape Caravans’ full-off-road family caravan range includes our 18’2 Tempa Tantrum, 18’6 Little Terra, and 18’6 Little Rascal. 

Great Escape Caravans Melbourne Family Caravans With Bunks White Interior

Our experience caravanning with kids has enabled us to design a range of family caravans that suit most families of up to six. The storage and features we have included in each Great Escape Caravan as standard allows your family to travel with convenience and comfort. 

Without the distractions of home life, families can enjoy quality time together in the great outdoors, and our customers do just that! Join the Great Escape Caravans Family – a private Facebook group and find out why our customers think Great Escape Caravans are the best caravan for families.

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